The Budget Coach Program

All CEO's manage their companies finances and must work within a set budget.  The advantage a CEO of a company has is they can hire the work out!  In families, working within a limited budget AND determing your financial goals can be challenging and confusing.  Good news for our family CEO's in Dunn County - you can now hire a consultant to help you determine your financial goals, determine steps toward those goals, and reach your financial goals - for FREE!  The Budget Coach Program will match you with a trained financial coach who will meet with you confidentially one one one, e-mail, or phone for as many times as you need!

Call the UW-Extension office to begin your journey towards reaching your financial goals!  232-1636.

Financial Resources

The resources listed below have been critiqued by the Parent Education Resource Team and have been found to be credible, useful, unbiased resources:

Family Financial Literacy:

Financial Literacy for Youth: