Join Our Teams

Community Action Team

The goal of this team is to work to change the culture, or environment, that encourages or promotes underage alcohol use and high-risk drinking. Primary responsibilities will include educating community members and policy makers on local factors that are help perpetuate underage and high-risk drinking.

Parent Action Team

The goal of this team is to utilize local resources to build capacity for addressing the needs of caregivers. Primary responsibilities includes assisting with needs assessment, building capacity for addressing needs, and developing educational events and other opportunities to increase skills and awareness.

Youth Action Team

The goal of this team is to provide opportunities for students in Dunn County schools, to collaborate with local resources, build leadership skills, provide community service projects, and create opportunities for youth to learn about important topics such as bullying prevention, study skills, etc.

DCPFY Membership

Active Member

An Active Member regularly attends meetings and is engaged in the planning and implementation of coalition’s efforts.


  • Be part of a collaborative team with a history of success in identifying and addressing local needs
  • Assist in informing the work of a coalition dedicated to the health and safety of youth and families in Dunn County
  • Learn about resources and research, including effective practices and strategies to bring about community change
  • Receive notice of the latest in prevention related news, trends, research, resources, upcoming professional development opportunities and coalition related efforts and events
  • Be alerted to time-sensitive issues related to funding opportunities, legislation, etc.
  • Be able to post events on website calendar as well as post comments, announcements, etc to DCPFY’s Social Media pages
  • Receive meeting agendas, minutes, newsletters, and other correspondences from DCPFY and from the partnership teams you have joined


  • Regularly Attend coalition meetings and events
  • Support the ongoing process of recruiting new coalition members and community partners
  • Notify DCPFY co-chair if unable to continue serving as an active member (DCPFY will review membership status on an annual basis an make any needed changes)


A Supporter attends occasional coalition events or trainings and/or provides guidance or resources for specific topics/projects.


  • Receive notice of upcoming professional development opportunities and coalition related efforts and events
  • Receive newsletters and other correspondences from DCPFY


  • Become knowledgeable about the coalition and be an advocate for its efforts in the county

If you would like to become a Member of DCPFY, please email Kathy Asper at [email protected] for the membership form!